Fox & Coyote




"It’s an ethereal track that fully exhibits the band’s uncanny nature to develop evocative and enthralling soundscapes in their brand of folk-flavored indie rock."
-- Jonathan Frahm, For Folks Sake




About Us

“The cool earnestness of Fox & Coyote makes them immediately relatable despite their more avant garde elements.” – City Pages

Ten years ago, Ryan Evans and Jonathan Harms – Fox & Coyote’s songwriters – first played together. From the get-go, they sensed a creative energy between them. Audiences felt it, too, often saying there was “something special” when the two performed as a duo. It wasn’t long before Fox & Coyote’s musical ideas needed more than a guitar, banjo, and two voices. In addition to Ryan (lead vocals, guitar) and Jonathan (lead vocals, banjo, keys), Fox & Coyote is Katherine Canon (cello, vocals), Grant Gordon (upright bass, electric bass), and Kenny Befus (drums).

Over the years, Ryan and Jonathan have grown as friends and as musical partners, learning to harness the energy that first brought them together. They act as co-directors, pushing Fox & Coyote beyond what listeners expect from a guitar-banjo songwriting duo.

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